LuLaRoe has ‘sweetened the kitty’ for many retailers

As a suitor of LuLaRoe, there are a few things which keep the American Dream alive. While some may threaten and move on to their next phase in life, some continue to fight through challenges. There are those who expect a test of courage; after all, those “buttery” sleek leggings do not make skillful retailers.

What is the American Dream and how has LuLaRoe ‘sweetened the kitty’ for many of their retailers? The American Dream is the idea that the government should protect each person’s opportunity to pursue THEIR IDEA of happiness. LuLaRoe has provided just that. They have popularized an elegant, alluring, and snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug type of fabric!

“LuLaRoe is a community that celebrates love, uniqueness, and freedom.”

Women from all over the Nation have swarmed together and ‘laughed it up’ during their charming in-home pop-up boutiques, and complimented each other on their newly selected, kaleidoscopic leggings and gorgeous outfits. The American Dream still blossoms inside the community of LuLaRoe.

When the struggling single mother, the debt-crushed family of seven, and the laid-off husband with unpaid bills try to cope, LuLaRoe opens the door to endless possibilities. LuLaRoe has waxed strong as the beacon of light. The American Dream isn’t a free handout to everyone. No, no. Quite the contrary! The American Dream is for those who are willing to face difficult challenges. LuLaRoe never prophesized a never-ending road with no bumps or sharp turns. Personal difficulties met along the way, are what helped create LuLaRoe. Without pain and frustration, the American Dream would cease to exist! #becauseoflularoe, 269 thousand Instagramers can back-up what LuLaRoe has done for them. And, what have they done? They have helped them live their American Dream!

LuLaRoe has invited thousands of women to join them in their journey towards the American Dream. Close-fisted? Not even. They have unlocked their vision to all those who want to strive forward with them. The American Dream wasn’t intended to be easy. It takes work, patience, and a lot of vigor. LuLaRoe welcomes mental energy and persistence. They encourage happiness and love. They want you to pat yourself of the back, wake-up each morning, and tell yourself YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL; YOU’RE STRONG; YOU’RE POWERFUL!

“Leading and Inspiring Fashion Together” is the new theme of 2019. Even when challenges strike, powerful women have proven they can accomplish the America Dream. Powerful women don’t quit because of roadblocks. They LIFT each other! LuLaRoe drives forward and continues to shoot upwards. They enliven their retailers and commemorate what they have accomplished so far!

Everyone has to make a choice which best suits their needs. LuLaRoe and their fantastic retailers invite you to “party on” with Jesse, Caroline, Liv, Shirley, Madison, Harvey, Ana, Lynnae, Deanne, Azure, Cassie, Jill, Georgia, Debbie, Lola, Irma, CiCi, Julia, Carly, Maxi, Jade, Joy, Maria, Nichole, Maurine, Kenny, Dani, Sarah, Jordan, Lindsay, Amelia, Jaxon, Classic-T, Christy, GiGi, Amy, Perfect-T, Randy, Patrick, Michael, Bud, and Mark! OH AND DON’T FORGET, Mickey!

Whether you’re struggling or dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, Lularoe has a home for you. The American Dream is about building courage. LuLaRoe is about empowering women and making dreams come true.

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