What do You do When Your Grass Goes Dormant?

For most of us, our grass has gone dormant for the winter. The grass basically shuts itself down and is in hibernation mode. Your grass is perfectly fine and I wouldn’t stress one bit. It’s trying to conserve all the water and nutrients it can during the cold months. This is why it looks brown. You may also see your grass go dormant during the extreme heat of summer, too. It’s doing the same type of thing, only I would worry more during the summer than the winter. Your grass needs water to survive, so 3-4 weeks of dormancy in the summer is about all your grass can take before it’s toast!
So, the question “What do you do when your grass goes dormant?” If your anything like me, your ass goes dormant with your grass. This summer I put in a new yard and enjoyed every minute being outdoors. I absolutely hate the winter months now I’m an adult, and I don’t play in the snow or do any snow activities. I really struggle to be happy and motivated. Why is that? I’m still trying to figure it out… And, why is it completely normal for the grass to go dormant and survive, but I feel like my ass is going to die? It really is a miserable son-of-a-bitchen time for me. I enjoy to mingle with the neighbors while I sit outside in the garage, and rock like a 90 year old man in my rocking chair. I love to work in the yard and build things when I can.
I do a lot of thinking and I brainstorm a lot of different ideas during the winter months. I think this is what causes a lot of my undiagnosed anxiety. I have a big damn “to do list” and I can’t do any of it until the warmer weather starts back up. I probably should brainstorm things that I can do during the winter months, but my mind just doesn’t seem to operate like that.
Is it okay for us to go dormant like our grass? Well, I heard a pretty interesting thought about “procrastination”. Bear with me for a minute, we are going to talk about “procrastination” and “dormancy” being similar concepts. We all know what procrastination is and some of us either do or don’t procrastinate. I for one, do. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to getting certain things done. I heard a TED talk Original Thinkers https://www.ted.com/talks/adam_grant_the_surprising_habits_of_original_thinkers regarding this. I encourage you to watch before finishing this post, because it really nailed a home run for me.
In regards to the TED talk, I learned it’s okay for me to be a “procrastinator ” or in this article it’s okay for me to be “dormant” at different times of the year. It is a process we just have to go through. It’s our time to hibernate and brainstorm. Eventually, it will be time for us to come out of our dormant state and kick some ass. We are not dead inside; just like the grass isn’t dead. It’s going dormant so it can survive!! It is conserving the water and nutrients so it can come back and dominate. Our grass is naturally patient and this may sound stupid as hell, but I’m learning from my grass. Ha!
In conclusion to my crazy “dormancy theory”, I would encourage everyone to embrace their dormant state. When you feel like you’re dying inside, you’re really not. It can happen at any time of the year, like it happens to your grass. It’s natures course. It’s your body and mind trying to conserve the energy so you can create new ideas. Your grass will green up and it will be time to water and fertilize once again. Now, with all the new things you’ve been preparing for during those dormant periods in your life, go out and get to work!
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Dormant Lawn
It will grow back!

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