Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side or is it Fertilized with Bullshit?

Have you ever felt like you’re always one step or several steps behind in life? Wishing you had this or wishing you had that? Looking at big damn homes and wondering how in the hell people can afford that bullshit? Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with materialistic items… Maybe it’s simply a career change or changing the College/University you’re attending. It could be a variety of things. So, why can it seem the grass is always greener on the other side or is it just because it’s fertilized with bullshit?

I think it’s a little of both, to be honest. I started my career as a police officer in smaller towns. The one town was a busy town but the area wasn’t all that big. More often than not, I felt confined as hell. Driving the same damn roads day and night. The other town felt bigger but, it wasn’t as busy. I often let myself get bored and eventually I felt confined, again. I always looked at different police agencies and wanted the different things they had but I didn’t. Eventually, I came to realize that they were all pretty much the same. I realized the grass could be just as green anywhere I went. They were just fertilized with a different bag of bullshit.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy trying new fertilizer. It’s fun to experiment with the different bags of bullshit. Some bags will green your lawn a hell of a lot faster than other bags of bullshit. Hell, you may choose a bag and literally burn the shit out of your lawn, really quick, if you’re not careful. The same concept applies to life. You may have a fun bag of fertilizer (or job assignment) but eventually that bag is going to run out (get boring or end).

You know what I like to do? I like to mix up my bags of fertilizer bullshit. I throw different ones on and hope for the best sometimes. I’m always wanting that “greener side of the fence bullshit type grass”. Let’s face it, when you see someone’s grass and it’s greener than yours, it pisses you off (at least it does me). I want to know what kind of bullshit they are tossing on their lawn. They aren’t going to blow smoke up my ass and tell me “oh, I just water”. I wasn’t born yesterday and I’m not dumb.

We all want good bullshit for our lawns (good things in our personal lives). But guess what? You have to experiment with different types of bullshit to get the right type of bullshit for your lawn (that’s a good quote I just came up with!)

You have to experiment with different types of bullshit to get the right type of bullshit for your lawn – Mike Terry

If you’ve completely destroyed your lawn with shitty bullshit, start over, dude! It’s never too late to bring in new SOD and start over. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Get that fresh start on some different bags of bullshit; until you’ve landed the best bullshit possible. That’s when your life becomes the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Happy fertilizing!

The right bags of bullshit

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