Why are some people always annoyed?

Sure, we all have personal reasons for being a dickhead, but what causes that constant “annoyed” feeling? Is it the pre-workout in the morning, the rockstars, monster energy drinks, hungry stomach, dumb questions being asked, children, a spouse, in-laws, siblings, parents, time of year (winter/summer), messy home, work, lack of sleep, self-worth, or maybe even noise? Could it be a combo of everything…

There are several listed items and the list could go on and on. Determining the root cause is the challenge each individual must face to find personal peace. Who the hell knows how to do that, though? Where do we even begin? Maybe we cut out the caffeine drinks and eat more… is medication the answer, exercise, love notes to a spouse, eight hours or more of sleep, or figuring out who the hell we are inside?

There are times where the world just seems to bug the living shit out of people. It may be easier to be a recluse and hide away than it is to interact and enjoy the world. The question is, what? What is it that causes so much daily annoyance in life? Why do we let the little things get to us and how do we fix it? It’s not that simple… or is it? There are just some people who have SHIT figured out! They can go about their day as happy as a fully loaded roll of new toilet paper. They just seem to ignore all of the above and press forward. What is their trick?

After all, everyone has a path to travel and everyone has to figure out their “triggers of annoyance”. Living life shouldn’t be a miserable bitch. It should be something we all can enjoy. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and fight the prick. Yes, the prick! Life is too short to be annoyed. The challenge is up to each individual. To fight or succumb to being annoyed for life.