A Husband’s View of LuLaRoe

          Huh? You want to do what? What in the hell is LuLaRoe? Yeah, no. I am pretty sure you have other things to do with your time. You’ve got to be shitting me, it’s how much? Yeah… NO, AGAIN!! Well, that’s exactly how I responded for nearly one year. There was absolutely no way I was going to let my wife throw money into some dumb ass “Pyramid Scheme”. Selling random clothing to women at pop-up boutiques and out of a small basement was not going to happen; however, it happened, I gave in, and I wouldn’t turn back, but why?

          I don’t remember the exact day or time of year my wife presented the idea of LuLaRoe to me. I do remember being annoyed as hell with the idea, though. We had either just moved in with my in-law’s or just in the process of selling our home. My wife went to some local pop-up boutique at one of her best friend’s home (Nothing really new to me. She does that occasionally…FML… “yeah, it was only $8.00 GREAT DEAL, HUH??”). I’m sure she came home and told me all about it. I’m also sure I just nodded my head and gave her a thumbs up, rolled my eyes, and continued watching Hulu or Netflix. I don’t remember exactly how it all went down that day, but I do know it started the battle of my life for nearly a sumbitchen year!! EVERYTHING was LuLaRoe this, LuLaRoe that.

– “Mike, do you know how great these leggings are? Mike, do you want to feel these leggings? Mike, did you know LuLaRoe was named after Deanne’s three granddaughters? Mike, did you know I want to sale LuLaRoe. Mike, I sent an e-mail to Emily Dalton and told her I was interested. Mike, can I be a fashion consultant for LuLaRoe?” –

          First off, holy shit! Okay, now I got that out of the way… No, Mekenzi, I do not know how great your leggings are. They look like you took a rocket ship to Mars and came home with Venus imprinted on your clothing. Yeah, your leggings are soft. I am happy for you (thumbs up). No, I didn’t know LuLaRoe was named after Deanne’s three granddaughters, and who the hell is Deanne? You talk about this person like I should consider her my grandma. Yep, pretty sure I know you want to sale LuLaRoe. Again, no is still my final answer. I am sure you did send Emily Dalton an e-mail (Who the hell is Emily Dalton?). Finally, can you be a consultant for LuLaRoe? I don’t think that is really a good idea.

          Well, this was how it went for approximately a year. I had zero interest in the idea. The cost alone was a set back and I didn’t make enough or have enough saved up. I am a police officer and I couldn’t squeeze a spare penny out of my ass-cheeks if I had to. There was no way we could come up with just over $5000. I needed my wife to get a “real job” and not get involved with something that had no value to our family. I was stubborn and I was becoming more and more frustrated every single day. This was NOT GOING AWAY!! She was persistent and literally pissing me off. We had two of our own kids and my wife was either pregnant with our third or we were working on it (oh yeah!!). We were also put into a life changing situation. My wife’s sister had passed away and were moving forward with adopting her two children. How could my wife be thinking about starting up a stupid business when all of this was going on? Also, where the hell did she think she was going to put all of these clothes? We lived in a basement and had no room.  My wife just wouldn’t stop. She continued to talk about LuLaRoe like I talk about police work. It was super annoying and I was ready to find Grandma Deanne and her Tooele sidekick Emily and ask them to stop their nonsense with my wife. 

          Guess what? I finally caved and decided to listen to my wife. I wanted to please her so I pretended I would be interested and look into it further. She showed me a few things and presented a few numbers (I like numbers and I like statistics). I didn’t want to admit to her I was a little bit interested, so I didn’t. I continued to listen to her and asked to hear her plan. I wanted to know where she would come up with the money. We were already in credit card debt and I wasn’t about to tackle anymore. I told her I wanted to meet Emily Dalton. I had a bunch of financial questions and I wanted to quiz the hell out of her. I wanted to see how she was setup in her home and how well she was doing with her business. My wife didn’t take very long to set up an appointment with Emily. On the scheduled date, we went over and met with her. I remember walking into the house and seeing LuLaRoe EVERYWHERE! She had an organized room with tons of clothes and I remember seeing leggings on top of leggings. Guess what my first thought was? Yep, you nailed it. HOLY SHIT! Then all of the sudden kids started barreling out of nowhere. They just kept coming! I felt like I was in my own home. Whatever happened that day, I am sure I left Emily’s home feeling very assured. I was interested! If this lady of five kids could run a business and be successful, so could my wife! I made a bargain with my wife to come up with the funds to pay off our credit card and I would be okay if she became a consultant with LuLaRoe. Well, she didn’t hesitate and came up with a plan.

          There was no waiting list like there is now to become a consultant. So, my wife became a consultant right away and ordered her clothes. I remember when they arrived. She was so excited and I just kept thinking, damn this was a bad idea. She opened the boxes and got to work. She had no idea what she was doing, but she wasn’t about to let me know that. Once the clothes were all hung and everything was organized, I thought “You’re shitting me. This is $5000 in clothes?” I just decided to shut my mouth and let her go to work. I am a loving husband and I wanted to see my wife succeed, even if I didn’t think there was a slight chance in hell. For the next few month, there was no such thing as a conversation without LuLaRoe being mentioned. It was eating at me. My wife was consumed with this company and I’ve never seen her so passionate about anything. I think she was more excited to receive a new box of inventory than she was delivering our children (Okay, that may be exaggerated). But, she was on FIRE! People were coming over to the house non-stop. Quite frankly, I just wanted to lock myself in my room every time. I didn’t have the LuLaRoe Spirit, that’s for damn sure.

          What was the changing point? There were actually a few leading factors. My wife asked to go to Park City one night with a ton of other consultants to spend the night with Grandma Deanne (still didn’t quite know who Deanne was or why she mattered so much). I remember sucking it up and stayed home with the kids. All. By. Myself. I absolutely hate when my wife leaves. She is the foundation to our family and holds everything together. It seemed important enough for her to go. I remember her texting me photos of the party and one specifically of Grandma Deanne. She was thrilled to spend the night with a few consultants and Deanne (This was when the company was really young). When my wife came home the next day, she had such a new light to her. She looked refreshed and was beaming. It’s really hard to explain in words. I just had a feeling everything is going to be okay. My wife was having fun and she was excited to wake-up every single day. She was motivated to work. She was motivated to make new friends. She has never considered her “customers” anything but new friends. She was learning and actually quite successful. Then it all changed. My wife invited me to go to some work training in Sandy, Utah. So, I went. I don’t remember exactly what happened that night, but I remember Grandma Deanne showed up. People were so excited! My wife even told me she sent a text to Grandma Deanne (thumbs-up, I didn’t care). I just kept to myself and observed. Well, Grandma Deanne walked into the room and women started cheering. I sat there thinking, you’ve gotta be shitting me. Who is this lady? Why is she so damn special? I just didn’t get it. I watched her walk up to the front of the room in her LuLaRoe clothing and she took the microphone. I could tell she was super passionate about whatever she was talking about, LuLaRoe I assume. Then she did something that changed my perspective about the entire company. She started pulling women up onto the stage area. Everyone she grabbed, she said their name and I’ll never forget this “She’s a millionaire, She’s a millionaire, She’s a millionaire, She’s a millionaire, She’s a millionaire” you get the point, right? Grandma Deanne pulled up approximately ten women. I started thinking to myself “Holy shit, uhh Grandma, yo Grandma Deanne, hey Grandma Deanne… My wife is over here, don’t forget about her”. At that point, I realized what potential this company had. I realized who exactly Deanne was. I realized how much I wanted to work my ass off to help my wife. I realized one day, somehow, someway, that would be my wife.

          What happened next? Well, I have tried to become the most supportive husband there is. I have never lost my fire after that night. We were actually invited to a house party and Grandma Deanne was there. I was able to give her a hug and talk to her. I have never met a more genuine person in my life. She is absolutely one of the best. This past summer my wife and I were able to go to a convention in California and I learned more than I could imagine. I compare LuLaRoe to being a police officer. It is a lifestyle, if you let it be. If you trust in Grandma Deanne and work your ass off, you can be successful. Don’t worry about becoming a millionaire right off the bat. Become the leader you are capable of becoming. My wife is still in the beginning stages of her business and learns more and more every day. She continues to wake up as excited as she did when that first box of inventory arrived. We have made some incredible friend’s over the past two years. I’ve met people I would never have imagined to be my friend. For hell sakes, I am buddies with a millionaire. Some may ask “Why is that so cool?” My response would be this: It’s cool because he’s a hard damn worker, he’s knowledgeable, non-judgmental, inspiring, and willing to help me learn and progress with our company. I don’t give two shits if he is a millionaire. He’s just a normal guy who was in my same position. His wife had a dream just like mine!     

          So, yay or nay to LuLaRoe? LuLaRoe has changed our lives. It has helped my family in a number of ways. My wife has nothing but happiness because of this company. LuLaRoe is a lifestyle. If you let it, it will support your dreams and lead and inspire you to great things. The start-up cost was so small compared to other company start-up costs. “It is far better to buy a wonderful business at a fair price than a fair business at a wonderful price” – Warren Buffett. There is no Pyramid Scheme. If you work hard, you’re going to be successful. If you don’t work hard, you’re going to fail. That’s not just with LuLaRoe, that’s with life. As for the Terry’s, we say “yay” to LuLaRoe. As for my wife, I have never met a greater leader and fashion consultant. She loves every one of her customers as her personal friend’s. My only regret is not starting when my wife wanted to start.